User Interface Design for Mobile App

This mobile app has been created as a part of the integrated wearable design system aimed at women with Urinary Incontinence.

During the UX design process, I was assisting the Lead UX Designer in the early stages of brainstorming, user flows creation and prototyping. My main part was however to deliver final Visual Design for the app. Additionally, I was helping the Lead Visual Designer with the branding process, that included logo creation, typography and the colour scheme. During the entire process of developing the app I was collaborating closely with the Lead Visual Designer, UX Designer, Creative Director and the development team.

The App we designed is the integrated part of the coherent training program and has helped the the tracking progress significantly with some key features:
– tracking the number of ‘leakage’ events over different time periods
– manual input of drinks types in order to monitor correlations with problematic drinks
– on demand video library
– calendar that helps tracking the cycles, informing the users when they should start the
– the notification centre, keeping the users informed about the progress, new cycles and related events
– handy smart tips feature, such as a nudge or a reminder if the drinks’ levels are incorrect or a new cycle is about to begin




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